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Bank account abroad, CIM Banque

Veja Let’s talk about a very interesting bank the CIM Banque, located in Switzerland.
Continuing would be posts on overseas banks that accept foreign investors.

About CIM Banque

CIM Bank is located in Switzerland, founded in 1990 also controls the bank Primorska Banka in Croatia.
The Bank has 12 languages, very interesting for international investors.
They have clients from more than 80 countries.
CIM Banque works under the supervision of FINMA, the authority that oversees the financial system in Switzerland, banks, brokers, etc …
He is also a member of the Swiss Stock Exchange and the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA).

Bank account

  • Current account in multiple currencies: see the currencies you can open your account here.
  • Deposit account with fixed rate.
  • They offer debit and credit cards, in the Mastercard, Visa, American Express, in the main currencies.
  • Cost is 90CHF each quarter, and also 3.50CHF for each inflow of funds.
  • Account opening is free, but you need to send at least 5,000 EUR / 5,000 USD / 5,000 CHF to confirm the opening.


The bank offers very interesting investment services below the list of services offered.

Interactive Brokers

The bank uses the platform of Interactive Brokers, a brokerage of the oldest brokerages located in the USA.
The platform provides access to more than 100 markets around the world.
You also have access to various types of investments such as Bonds, Stocks, ETF, FX, Futures, Options.
Brokerage fees can be seen here.
Initial deposit is $ 5000 CHF, USD, EUR.

Payment Solutions

The bank also offers some products regarding payment solution.
Advantage for you that already has some business online, and wanted to enjoy all the benefits offered by the bank.


A very interesting option in Switzerland, it is up to each one to evaluate the benefits of each bank.
Very interesting services, a great option to start your investments abroad.
What is kinda expensive is keeping the 90CHF account every 3 months is pretty expensive in my point of view, but if that’s not the problem it’s a great option.
More information visit the bank’s website.

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