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Bank account abroad, Euro Pacific Bank

Today we will talk about how to open a bank account at Euro Pacific Bank.
This will be one of several serious things I will bring here about banks and brokers abroad.
If you wanted to know some reasons to start investing abroad, I suggest you read this post.
The bank acts as a bank and brokerage firm abroad, so let’s show the advantages of Euro Pacific Bank and its products.

About Euro Pacific Bank

The bank is situated in the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, it is not a well-known country, but its banking laws are very rigid.
The bank details, values, etc … are all in secrecy, which guarantees more security.
The bank is 100% transactional, does not make loans, all the money they send will definitely be in the bank.
I gathered everything good in investments, bank accounts in one place.

Note: The bank is changing its jurisdiction to Puerto Rico see more details here.

Bank account

  • Current account with multiple currencies, USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, CAD, JPY, AUD, NZD.
  • The costs to keep the account are $ 5.00 but may change depending on which main account you choose
  • You do not need an initial deposit to open an account, this is very interesting for the small investor.
  • A fee of $ 5.00 for internal transfers, and $ 16.00 for shipping of funds and if you wanted to transfer from the bank to other banks is $ 30.00.
  • They offer debit cards in the Mastercard in 4 currencies, EUR, USD, GBP, AUD


The bank has several investments, from gold held within the same bank, to Shares, Etfs, funds etc …
I will list the main products of the bank in the investment area.

Stocks, Etfs, Options, Bonds, FX – Global Trade Station

No doubt the Global Trade Station platform is one of the best we have in the market.
It is possible to trade stocks of more than 35 stock exchanges around the globe.
You can trade in multiple markets, from anywhere, anytime.
You can also trade in the Forex market as well as in the commodities market.
If you like more of fixed income (Bonds) the platform also operates in the bond market.
Initial deposit to open account at the brokerage is $ 2,500 dollars.
To know more about the costs and the scholarships that you have available, access the link.
If you want to test, just open a demo account.

Meta-trader 4

The bank also offers the option of metatrader, for investors in the Forex market (Forex market).
The Spreads are very competitive, to know the more detailed spreads look at this page.
They also offer the option of NAM and PAMM for investors who want to manage more than one account.
Initial deposit is $ 1,000 dollars.

Gold and silver debit card

This more option for those who want to have a debit card full of gold or silver.
You have an account and Gold, and every purchase you make will be deducted from your gold account.


It is an interesting option for you that wanted to have a bank account abroad.
And one of the advantages that everything is in one place, brokerage, bank this is an interesting differential.
The bank accepts Brazilian, and also has platforms in Portuguese.
Visit the bank’s website.

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