Drivewealth, investment brokerage

Drivewealth a very interesting option for the novice investor in the American financial market.
The brokerage house is a new brokerage located in New Jersey in the United States and accepts foreign investors.

Advantages of Drivewealth


The brokerage house has its operations focused only on the American market.
It is registered in FINRA, the SEC and especially in SIPC, which is the body that protects the investor with $ 500,000 dollars in case something happens with the brokerage firm.
For if a broker based in the United States is subject to American laws, which are very strict.


The broker’s costs are very low.
This is very interesting for the beginning investor, because low costs provide a greater contribution.
Brokerage value is certain to be $ 2.90.
There will also be a $ 5.00 charge on the W-8BEN form.

Account opening

Account opening is very simple, requiring only simple documents from your country.
Making this much less bureaucratic for investors.
You do not need a minimum deposit other than some bank and brokerage houses that you have abroad.


The Drivewealth platform is very simple, with few clicks you can mount your wallet.
They provide an application for mobile, Android and IOS, also for easy interaction.
There is also an advantage for investors with little resources, the brokerage makes the purchase available and a fractional share.
Let’s assume that an expensive action like Google, Apple, if it costs $ 700, you can buy a part of it with $ 70, or 10% of the actual action.

International transfers

There are several ways to transfer resources to them.
Some of them are: credit card, international transfer, check (American) and other operators like Dwolla, TransferWise, BitPay, China UnionPay, Safety Pay.
Costs vary from each shipment.


It does not have all the assets of the American market.
So you have access to the American market, so you do not have access to the other stock exchanges in the world.
You do not have a card to make a serve.

My opinion

Well interesting to the novice investor, it has several competing advantages.
But if I have higher values I suggest opening a bank account, see this page.
Because an investment bank brings more reliability.

See the broker’s website here.

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