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Best investment, where to find?

This is one of the questions you hear practically almost everywhere, “What is the best investment”, but people are always looking for a better job, a worthy profession, studying to be someone when they grow up, etc.

But the best investment is one that achieves its goals, bringing more happiness in the future.
Investing is achieving goals with each hit goal puts you a step on your freedom financially.

But since we Brazilians do not have such financial education, we have to learn this later when we are working.

When should I start investing?

Brazilians generally do not have such an investment culture, that is a bit bad because it is not that our stock market has companies that stock markets like Mongolia and Vietnam.
This makes us sometimes at the mercy of the government, both to take care of our retirement and even the salary we receive.
The right time to start making your investments is now. Investing is if you plan for a future with economic freedom and more happiness.
So you must be wondering but where is the miraculous investment, in Brazilians we like the easy things to make money. But it’s not that easy.

What is the best investment?

The best investment is in yourself.
People usually lose out on their investment because of anxiety or lack of knowledge, fear, etc.
So study the investments thoroughly, work, earn money first, soon we will bring several here on the blog.
But before you start investing you have to change your thoughts, and the way it treats the money.

Do not work for money.

Rich people do not work for money, but let it work for them.
So the best investment starts happening when you start shifting form from looking at it.
Do not be afraid to face new challenges, fear your boss will drive you away. Work not for money but for learning, something that will bring you results in the future.
Stay focused and reach for your objects; you have to feel fulfilled in what you do.

Where do I find the best investment?

The best investment will be the one you decide on, Fixed income, variable, Currencies, traders, this you will define.
What can be good for you can be bad for another due to N factors.
Choose the investment that makes your profile and stay focused on it.
If you feel comfortable with variable income, then keep focus, study and discipline if it is fixed income too.


To become rich, collect money as if you were paying a bill of light …
Focus and discipline are all to bring happiness in the long run.

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