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Why invest abroad?

Comparing the frontier of assets abroad, investing abroad would be like getting out of a pond, and going into the sea of investments.
Our investment market is really just a little bit about asset issues.
We have few quality assets, not to mention that we have an inefficient government, which causes poor asset development here.

Unsure of investing abroad?

When talking about investments outside Brazil, from that impression, is it legal? How do you do to rescue?
So there is a certain fear of Brazilians investing in companies, bonds, and currencies from other countries.

But let’s answer the title with another ask, why not invest abroad? Or rather, why leave all of your assets in Brazil?

The Brazilian is well behind in financial matters, it is not taught much in Brazil, that is why we see people very indebted.
In Brazil about 90% of people have debts and more have difficulties paying their debts, see.
Of those who have left the right 10% of 90% invest more in fixed income.
There are very few people who invest in stocks and variable income, now imagine investing abroad.

Now ask an Englishman, American, if he would invest all his money in Brazil, I think it would be very difficult to hear a yes.
The answer to this is simple, Brazil does not bring confidence, look at how many inflation crises we have been through.
Our currency even changed several times.
Now think of countries like Germany, England, ask the same questions.



Diversification is very important in your investments, as they say: Never leave the eggs in the same basket.
Leaving your investments abroad will bring this advantage to you.
When you have access to the global marketplace, there are usually opportunities in some countries and at times.
So you can seize these moments and build your investment portfolio, it will bring you good profits.

Asset Protection

Recently we see the case in Venezuela, currency falling strong against the dollar.
Government confiscating private companies, people starving and without buying power.
Now think of the person who has always applied his resources outside the country, sure that he is much better than the others.
In Brazil itself, we saw a rise in the dollar due to corruption.
Not to mention that in the Collor government confiscated the money that was in the savings.
Already the money that is outside the country the government has no power.

Where and how to start

It has several interesting market abroad, USA, Europe, Asia with many assets to leave jaw dropped.
Opening an account in an overseas brokerage is very easy and almost without a hole
See some banks that accept Brazilian investors, see our page.

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