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Cryptocurrency, what is it, how does it work?

Cryptocurrency or the best known of them bitcoin. It is gaining a lot of visibility especially in that year of 2017 where bitcoin reached the incredible 11k USD. This crypto-coins market began in 2009 with the emergence of its first coins Bitcoin or BTC. From here to here has been gaining the spotlight of...

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Bank account abroad, Swissquote

Let’s talk about an international bank in Switzerland, Swissquote, operates in several markets including in emerging market like Brazil. The brokerage bank has offices in Zurich, Berne, Malta, Dubai, London and Hong Kong. A broker and bank of global reach, with clients in various locations around the world. About Swissquote The Swissquote financial platform...

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Protect your assets abroad

Most of the mistakes that some investors and entrepreneurs make is not to protect their equity while they are accumulating capital. All of us are always concerned about increasing our equity every time. But there is also something important, to keep your assets safe, against crises and protectionist and populist governments. Protecting your assets...

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Drivewealth, investment brokerage

Drivewealth a very interesting option for the novice investor in the American financial market. The brokerage house is a new brokerage located in New Jersey in the United States and accepts foreign investors. Advantages of Drivewealth Safety The brokerage house has its operations focused only on the American market. It is registered in FINRA,...

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Offshore company, What is it, and how to create one?

Offshore companies, a topic well discussed lately, mainly with the news related to companies in tax havens. But is it illegal to have companies in other countries? what are the advantages of having offshore companies. See the advantages of having an offshore company. What are Offshore Companies? First thing you should be thinking that...

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Forex, investing in the foreign exchange market

Forex the market that has the biggest financial movement, are 4 trillion dollars a day. Joining all the market together does not give the size of the exchange market. A market of several opportunities for you that wanted to have an investment in the speculative market. What is forex? Forex is an abbreviation of...

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Bank account abroad, CIM Banque

Veja Let’s talk about a very interesting bank the CIM Banque, located in Switzerland. Continuing would be posts on overseas banks that accept foreign investors. About CIM Banque CIM Bank is located in Switzerland, founded in 1990 also controls the bank Primorska Banka in Croatia. The Bank has 12 languages, very interesting for international...

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