About me

Purpose of this blog is to help the small investor who is in search of information regarding investments, stock exchanges, companies. We will discuss here business balance sheets, economy in general, investments abroad and financial education.

So the focus here is, yes you can achieve your financial independence!

Well I’m about 28 years old, working with IT, I’m a systems developer, I live in one of the biggest cities in our country.
I started in the investment world at the end of 2011 looking for companies that paid high dividends, but with time and deepening my studies I saw that the focus had to be on companies to achieve over time to increase their profits and thus would have an income in ever increasing dividends.

Therefore, I focus on quality companies that have been working in the field of activity for some time, I like companies that can grow it for me. It shows a power over the competition, I do not usually look at price to buy stocks and investments. best time to get in is now!

Today I have my investments totally focused on the outside, I buy expenses in the long term objective, and I also operate in the exchange market.

All these investments and the strategies that I use to invest will show here in the blog.

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